Hopkins Roofing was a critical partner in our building process. In addition to the roof and construction work they did, they also installed our Vermeer name on top of our new plant. We are grateful to be a part of a community filled with innovative companies, such as Hopkins Roofing.

Jason Andringa, Vermeer President and CEO

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Heath Van Gorp

Director of Facilities, Vermeer Corporation

Building Plant 7 has been larger than any project we've done. It is also the most complex building we have built. We chose Hopkins Roofing for this project because we've been pleased with their quality, customer focus, capacity, and dedication.

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Homeowner, Cedar Rapids, IA

We had a derecho storm come through our town. We lost about half of the roof on our house. We dealt with Jason at Hopkins Roofing to get our roof back up quickly and efficiently as possible. We were very happy and they're a company you can count on getting things done when they say they will.

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Joe Mathern

Facilities Manager, Marshalltown Company

Hopkins Roofing acts like your building is theirs. Which sets my mind at ease and I don't have to worry about something getting left or some details not getting done. They really make it their own.

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